Monday, July 27, 2009

Swaps and More Swaps

Well as I posted before, I have been involved with several swaps on Ravelry. I recently sent two packages internationally. One of them to the UK and one to Holland. I can't wait till they get them to see if they like them.

This package went to Ann as part of my Hogwarts Summer Camp Swap. The point of this swap is that we all pick a workshop and the person who is assigned our name then sends us a kit to fit that workshop and anything else they want to throw in. Ann picked Herbology, which meant that I sent her a kit that involved some type of lace work pattern. I sent her the Dragon Lace pattern and green wool. Green is her favorite color and I added all kinds of other green stuff, Harry Potter and other sweets and a pattern book that I found at Walmart for $2.00.

Another swap I am involved in is the Pea Green With Envy Swap. This is for a group of people who love the color green. My person for this swap was Annina, from Holland and here is the package I sent her.

I made the tote bags for both kits. I kind of got on a roll with the tote bags and have about three done and set aside for other gifts.

Well I will post pictures of the packages I have received later.