Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Yarn Deli ROCKS!

I took a knitting class last week at the Yarn Deli in Redlands and knitted up this awesome beret. It's called the "Brick by Brick" hat and was designed by one of the shop owner's Becky Curran. I knitted it in Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme. My hubby thought is was cool and suggested I make a black and orange one for Halloween. I was also thinking red and green for Christmas. Lavender and variegated pastels for Easter. The possibilities are endless.


Well as promised, I am posting pictures of packages I've received from the various swaps I am in. There is the Flat rate box swap that included a great hand thrown ceramic coffee mug that I absolutely love. There is the Starbucks Swap that included some homemade biscotti that the family and I of course nailed within a day and there is the Split Pea Green with Envy swap with several yummy green yarns that I can't wait to try out.